Dr. Steve Hansen
Areas of Specialization:

    •Human Movement Behaviour Analysis
    •Human Sensory-Movement Systems
    •Movement Control in Special Populations

Research Interests:

    •Visual control of upper limb movements
    •Measurement and quantification of individual differences in the preparation and execution of movement
    •Kinematic analyses of the movements of individuals from typically developing and special populations
    •Theoretical modelling of movement control and movement rehabilitation

Dr. Jim McAuliffe
Areas of Specialization:

    •Visual attention
    •Motor learning
    •Motor control

Research Interests:

    •Visual attention and autonomic nervous system activation
    •Inhibition of return
    •Attention and safe driving
    •Neurocognitive function and sport-related concussion (mTBI)

Dr. Barbi Law
Area of Specialization:

    •Psychological skills used to enhance learning and performance in movement settings (e.g., sport, exercise, injury rehabilitation, and physical education)

Research Interests:

    •Modeling (observational learning) and imagery interventions in sport, exercise, injury rehabilitation, and physical education settings
    •Development of physical literacy and self-efficacy
    •Self-regulation of learning

Kierstyn Cotnam
Taylor Feick-Bardawill
Brenna McWilliams